Athletes and Buddies Go For The Gold

By: Carolina Hughes

On Tuesday, April 19, many high schools around Horry County participated in the Special Olympics at the Pelican’s Stadium. The wonderful opening ceremony included an athlete singing the National Anthem, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and chanting the olympic motto, and it ended with the Olympic torch being lit by the torch runners. After the athletes had chanted their motto, the whole arena yelled loudly, “let the games begin.” The athletes and their buddies were off.

The events were located on the baseball field and included: a softball throw, a tennis ball throw, and a 25m, 50m, or 100m run.The athletes received stickers that had the events and times of the events they were supposed to compete in. The athletes along with their buddies were all over the field waiting excitedly to compete in their events. Smiles lit up the field as athletes and buddies milled about competing, dancing to their favorite songs, and taking pictures with the characters that were all around the field. Lunch was served as the athletes finished their events, and after eating they were free to watch the rest of the games.

The Special Olympics was a huge hit and it was a great opportunity for athletes, buddies, and all that attended. It was a wonderful place for the athletes to participate in sports, build relationships, and be treated like any other normal kid. Conway High and every school that went had a spectacular time. Buddies and athletes alike left feeling happy and triumphant, many sporting a bronze, silver, or gold medal.