The Breath of Life: A New SC Graduation Requirement


By: Alima Mootoo

Governor Nikki Haley passed a new bill on Thursday, April 21, that will require all South Carolina students to be CPR certified. South Carolina is the 30th state to pass this law, and it will be interesting to see how the course will be taught. Some states, such as Illinois, have to offer the training, but students can not be required to do it. In Indiana, students must take the course unless the school gets a waiver to opt out of the training entirely. In Nevada, students are required to take the course as long as funds are available. Another method that could be used to teach students CPR is as an online course, and this course is offered through Their course includes, “Introductory CPR Training 5 fears, Heart Attack and Stroke: Stroke, Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrest Training: Adult, Child, Infant CPR, Adult, Child, Infant AED, Hands-Only CPR Choking Training: Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Conscious), Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Unconscious) First Aid Training: Shock Management, Bleeding Control.” ( It has not been determined how South Carolina Schools will teach CPR, but this graduation requirement could lead to many saved lives.

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