Senior Jitters


By: Amber Elvis

It’s getting to that time of year when seniors across the country are having to say their last goodbyes to their high schools and their childhood friends. Seniors are getting ready for the big day, which for Conway High, is June 1st.  Graduation is going to be held at Coastal Carolina University’s HTC center at 7:30 pm.  

Many of the seniors at CHS have developed a serious case of senioritis, especially since it is getting warm out. Senioritis is when the graduating class starts to slack off because they are graduating. The seniors have just gotten their caps and gowns, and it is really starting to sink in. Conway High School’s senior picnic is coming up; seniors are going to be eating and playing games while hanging out with just the senior class. Before seniors get to go to the picnic, they have to make sure all their fees are paid. On June 1st, at 9 am, it will probably hit all the members of the graduating class because they will be practicing for the ceremony that will be held that night, at 7 pm, they will officially no longer be students of Conway High School, they will be adults.

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