To Stand or Not to Stand


By: A’Laya Burroughs

Conway High students and staff can always expect to start their day off by listening to the pledge and morning announcements. However, some students are too lazy to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or they just don’t care about respecting the pledge. The JROTC teacher at Conway High School stated, “I believe students who do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance do so because it is a matter of being educated. All students have not been educated in the importance, and showing respect for our nation’s flag. Similarly, students who do stand for the pledge simply do so because of expectation but not out of obligation.” Teachers have noticed students not acknowledging the pledge, but do not feel the need to say anything because they might not believe in the pledge or they want a confrontation early in the morning.


While some may not stand due to being lazy, others choose to not stand for the pledge because of their religion. Some religions do not believe in standing for the American flag because it states “….one nation, under God”, and some students may believe in more than one god.  “Generally, students take for granted their citizenship and privileges thereof, or sacrifices of the men and women of the military services who served in order for us to live in the free world. Many people don’t believe that freedom is NOT free; men and women made sacrifices long ago and are still making sacrifices even today. If you are reading this, my challenge is that you pass it on so that someday we all can exhibit a strong love for the country, thereby allowing us to live in peace and harmony like our forefathers once anticipated. Take a stand for our country,” Chief Solomon Eagles stated, and he could not have said it any better.

Come on Conway High students let us show our teachers and community that we do respect the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, and let us also show them that we are not too lazy to stand for the minute it takes to recite the pledge.


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