Shark Carolina and Mary Lee


By Kathryn Crigger

Mary Lee is a 16 foot long great white shark that visits Myrtle Beach every year and was tagged the fall of 2012 . The mature female was tagged by the non profit organization, Ocearch . The reason for tagging Mary Lee was to better the available research on the mysterious species. Great whites are rare in the Atlantic, and Mary Lee is the first shark to be tracked in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Founder of Ocearch, Fischer, stated “There’s a lot of fear and much of that tends to come because there’s so much unknown”. “We [could] replace all that fear with facts and we can kind of demystify the great white shark.”

The device attached to the shark keeps track of her by pinging in her location every time she breaches the water. While some sharks do not come up to the surface very often, Mary Lee frequently does so- sometimes multiple times a day ! Mary Lee last pinged in on the 6th of May, in New Jersey, and will probably be visiting Myrtle Beach again this year !

You can track Mary Lee and many other sharks at the Ocearch’s website here :


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