Phobophobia ( the fear of phobias )


by: Kathryn Crigger

Everyone is afraid of something, although some fears are weirder than others . While some people are afraid of spiders or clowns, others are afraid of flowers . Yes, this is an actual fear, and it is called anthrophobia! Have the fear of teenagers? Apparently the band My Chemical Romance does! Ephebiphobia is the fear of teenagers. Some students may have Didaskaleinophobia, which is the fear of going to school, while others may just be lazy. Some younger people might have Gerontophobia, the fear of growing old, guess what it is going to happen anyway. Ironically, the fear of long words is Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- do not ask anyone to pronounce that one! Something that may be a bit problematic to someone in humid South Carolina or coastal San Francisco is Homichlophobia, the fear of fog. Someone with this fear may have a bit of trouble during their morning commute. A few other weird phobias are Kosmikophobia (the fear of cosmic phenomenons),  Lutraphobia ( the fear of otters), Bacillophobia (the fear of microbes), and Onomatophobia (the fear of hearing certain words or phrases) . If you think these are intresting you can find many other fears and phobias like the ones above on !


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