A School Resource Officer to Save the Day: Officer Guiles


By: Abigail Calhoun

Seeing school resource officers (SROs) around high schools in the United States is not a new experience.

Officer Guiles, Conway High School’s SRO, came to South Carolina from Rochester, New York.

Many high school students around the United States don’t take the time to get to know their resource officer, and most students just assume that SROs are mean or just out to get students in trouble. With that being said, The Inking staff has gotten the opportunity to really get to know the SRO at Conway High School this semester.

The numerous times our class has had the opportunity to really talk to Officer Guiles he was always very kind and understanding. Since he was a young boy, Officer Guiles had always wanted to be a police officer . He graduated from Choppee High School in Georgetown, SC, and he attended South Carolina State University in Columbia, SC. Officer Guiles began his profession in 1995 as a police officer, and he has said that he wouldn’t want to go into a profession different from law enforcement. Although, if he were forced to choose another profession it would be in the medical field because it offers a larger salary.

When asked why he shows up to Conway High happy every day Officer Guiles said, “I love helping people and working in schools; I’m a strong believer in if we can fix the problem in schools we won’t have problems in the future. I love working in our school, and working with young people and having a hand on helping them into society, however, I don’t like dealing with the disrespectful students.”

If more students would give their resource officers a chance and actually take the time to get to know them, schools may be able to reduce the problems it currently has with students. Students would probably not be on their best behavior, but they would have an established relationship with their SRO. This relationship would allow the students to try and make the life of the SRO less difficult at school.

In all, Conway High School is blessed to have an officer like Officer Guiles. Hands down Officer Guiles is an outstanding person. With his badge on or off he is a kind hearted, outstanding, hard working, and wonderful man. As a sophomore at Conway High School I hope to have Officer Guiles as the SRO for the next 2 years. I know I’ll will have an adult confidant in the building, and I will be safe no matter what goes on.