What Makes a Good Principal?


By: Carolina Hughes

What makes a good principal? All principals need to have certain characteristics to be a “good principal”. Based on the article What Makes a Great Principal?, “The school is a family, teachers are treated as professionals, instruction in the school is data driven, they are student driven, they reach out to families, they have great reservoirs of energy, they promote school spirit and teamwork, they develop leaders, and they have good help.” Conway High has undergone many changes in administration and consequently changes in the rules over the past few years. The changes are not over yet; next year Conway High will be getting a part time principal that will work alongside Mrs. Allen. Students at Conway High School were asked what they thought would make a good principal, and this is how they responded.

“Someone who is appeasing to the students needs and requests makes a good principal.” – Alima Mootoo (11)

“Somebody that respects the students wishes.” Jamarria Pyatt(10)

“Someone who actually helps.” – Kathryn Crigger (10)

“Someone who takes the kids advice to make the school better.” – A’laya Burroughs (10)

“A principal who is more concerned about our education than the school environment.” – Abigail Calhoun (10)

“To me, a good principal is someone that doesn’t abuse their authority.” – Miracle Keith (10)

“Somebody that lets us get on our phones.” – Hope Harper (10)

“Caring about all of your students to not only achieve their academic goals but to also create memories during their high school career.” – Eydi Mendoza (11)
These are the qualities that students in our school believe make a good principal. They include; being attentive, being a caring person, listening to the students, being respectful, and being helpful. It seems that students want a principal that cares about their students as people and helps them succeed not only in school but in life in general. Students need a strong leader that is willing to step up and fill the gaps in students lives, they need to be strict but not too strict, and they need to respect their fellow faculty members as well as the students. These are things that principals around the world should keep in mind when they come to work every morning.


image credit: theatlantic.com