Alumni Corner

February 2016

Gone But Not Forgotten: Martwain Bellamy

By: Jasmine Burroughs Leukemia is a type of cancer that targets the bone marrow and the blood cells, there are 1.5 percent of leukemia patients worldwide. These statistics are not just numbers all the numbers are people with family and friends. One of these numbers, unfortunately, was Conway’s very own, Martwain Bellamy. Conway High School’s

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Coach Morrow

Interview By: Alexis McCracken   What were your favorite subjects in high school and why? History was always my favorite- I liked the story.   What were your strengths academically? I was not a great student, but my biggest strength was my work ethic   How many years have you been teaching? Why did you

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Conway Welcomes a New Leader: Ms. Barbara Blain-Bellamy

Interview by: Alima Mootoo As a newly elected mayor, what are your plans for Conway, specifically within the area schools? We want to be sure that our schools have the facilities that our children need so their learning capability is enhanced. We want our students to have every opportunity to grow and thrive in their

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Angie Calhoun

Interview by: Amber Sweat Ms.Calhoun is currently an Avid 401, Government and Econ, and an AP government teacher, and she has been teaching here at Conway High School for 27 years. Her favorite class to teach is AP government, she loves Avid and the students, but she loves teaching AP government more. She chose to

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SanQuetta Palmer

What brought you back to Conway High School? I love this school. I used to think I wanted to be a teacher, but I LOVE the position I’m in right now. Are there teachers in CHS today that you had? If so, do you still have a relationship with any of them? I had Mr.

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Coach Chuck Jordan

By: Celina Brown   What was it like when you were at Conway High? When I was at Conway High I was a little pup; that was a long time ago. A lot of things have changed, but most things have remained the same. You still have the basic high school experience. I remember a

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Alicia Skipper Todd

10 Questions for Conway High Alumni Alicia Skipper Todd By: Leighanna Hatfield How did Conway High School have spirit when you went to school here? My senior class was 1985. When we went to pep rallies, the noise was deafening, and if you didn’t go to the football game on Friday nights there was something

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