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April 2016

Horoscopes from Tig: Week 14

Compiled by: Jasmine Burroughs Aries This week is going to be your week, but don’t take it to the head. Taurus Rest your head little one  because your week is finally over. Gemini Be the bigger person when it comes time for it, always go with your inner voice. Cancer Everyday will be a good

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Horoscopes from Tig: Week 13

Written by: Tieyanna Potts Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 21) Aquarius (Jan. 22 to Feb. 21)   Pisces (Feb. 22 to Mar. 21)   Aries (Mar. 22 to Apr. 21)   Taurus (Apr. 22 to May 21)   Gemini (May 22 to Jun. 21) You’re calm and cheerful,  but you’re  also annoying and selfish. You

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Horoscopes from the Hood

Compiled by: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria   Aries – You gon’ rob a whole bank tomorrow, but sadly you gon’ get caught. Anyways, your lawyer got that “charm” that gone have the judge give you 0 to life.   Taurus – You boutta be in jail by next week, and you ain’t even last ‘cause you soft.

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Horoscopes by Tig Week 11

Leo: Your week will be exciting and many good things will happen to you Cancer: Your week will be long and slow but uneventful Virgo: Monday will be disastrous, but your week will get better Aries: Your week will start off great, but then it will go downhill quickly Taurus: Watch out this week because

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Horoscopes by Tig Week 10

By: Alima Mootoo and Kathryn Crigger   Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 21) This year is your time to shine! All of your hard work will finally pay off, as you will reach new heights in the coming months. Be patients, as good things come in time. Aquarius (Jan. 22 to Feb. 21) Your year

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Horoscopes by Tig Week 9

Written by: Mikaya Floyd Capricorn (December-22/January-20)- You will have a great week. If things continue to go well you will get great news. Aquarius (January-21/February-19)- Don’t let your anger get the best of you. Remain calm and use self control. Pisces (February-20/March-20)- Happiness is what you will find later this week, keep looking. Aries (March-21/April-19)- 

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Horoscopes from Tig Week 8

By: Sha’Keemia Bellamy and Jasmine Burroughs Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)– You can take a lick and keep on ticking. Keep fighting. Pisces (February 18th to March 20th)– You will feel like a rock star this week. Don’t let all the extra attention go to your head. Aries (March 21st to April 19th)– You

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Horoscopes by Tig: Week 6

By: Damion Watson and Makayla Conley   Capricorn (December-22/Janurary-20) You are in the middle of a confrontation with a friend, tensions are running high but you can make the best decision. You can create a positive solution for both of you if you have a more positive attitude about your friend.   Aquarius (Janurary-21/Feburary-19) You

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Horoscopes from Tig: Week 5

by: Summer Harrelson Aries– You will have great luck for this week. Don’t let others jealousy get to you. Try to take as many of the opportunities given to you. Just make sure your head doesn’t get too big. Taurus– You’re stressed out. But it’s okay. You have many loving and caring people in your

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Horoscopes from Tig Week 4

By: Autumn Finlayson Aries: This is a very advantageous week for you. Do not be afraid to make comments to strangers and put yourself out there. Opportunities are laid out for you everywhere. You’ll be superb in a group situation this week, in fact you’ll do well guiding others. Taurus: People may step on your

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