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Beware: They are Watching You

Security camera in grocery store, close-up

By: Alima Mootoo Stores are watching you, not only to prevent shoplifting, but to gather data. If you have the location turned on on your phone, stores can see when you enter their store and track how many times you

St. Patrick’s Day… A Sham?


By: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria This year, no one seems to really care about St. Patrick’s Day. As the years pass by people seem to forget that it even exists. St. Patrick’s Day occurs every year on March 17th. At first it

Tanning: Are you needing a Fan or No?


By: Jamarria Pyatt The sunkissed, brown look is very appealing to most caucasian people, but is that a good fashion trend? There are many cons and few pros to tanning indoors and outdoors. There is a huge risk to a

Hackers Attacking, Anonymously!


By: Carolina Hughes A hacking group simply called Anonymous started in 2003. However, they have not gained in popularity  until this year. The Anonymous hackers have now overtaken the headlines. This group is trying to disarm and/or outdo ISIS. Other

Beware of Body Mods!


By: Alima Mootoo Body modifications like tattoos and piercings seem to have a stereotype swirling around them that those who possess them are aggressive, criminalistic, and/or unintelligent. Approximately 10% of Americans have tattoos, and 60% of women and 42% of

10 things a teenager Should NEVER do:

By: Abigail Calhoun Don’t’ smoke weed or “Loud”- it kills your brain cells. Don’t drink- it is illegal to drink alcohol under the age 21, and it isn’t good for you. Don’t party- you’ll do something you shouldn’t and possibly

A Valentine’s to Remember!


These were the responses we received when we asked different people what their FAVORITE Valentine’s Day Memory was or their FAVORITE Valentine’s Day gift was.   What was the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift you ever received? “A pair of

The Clock of DOOM!

By: Alima Mootoo The Doomsday Clock is what we use to measure how far the human race is from being completely annihilated. Changes in time on this clock can be caused by anything from the development of nuclear weapons or

Double the trouble or twice the fun ? Myths about twins and their truths .


By: Kathryn Crigger Twins have many myths circulating around them, and many people want to know if they are true or not . Here are the answers to some of the questions you may want to ask a twin- from


abc copy

by Alima Mootoo Today’s young adults are, arguably, the first generation to grow up with social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tumblr, as we know, all fall under the category of “social media”. What most of us don’t know,