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One night of fun…A lifetime of consequences


By: Amber Elvis Ok, let’s talk about teen drinking. As everyone knows, just about every teen likes to go to parties. When someone goes to a teen party, more likely than not there’s going to be alcohol; there’s no ifs,

Violent Video Games Does Not Equal Violent Kids


By: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria Ever since I was a kid, my life has revolved around video games, including Grand Theft Auto. However, it never influenced me once when it came to committing violence. I don’t drive around Conway recklessly because of

Teachers with Guns! A Good Idea?


By: Carolina Hughes   A debate has started about whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry guns.  School shootings have been on the rise, and some teachers would feel more in control if they were armed against shooters.

Bad Drivers Grind My Gears

300 dpi Doug Griswold color illustration of an insanely mad driver pulling out his hair, astonished by what he is seeing other drivers do. San Jose Mercury News 2010

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As a 16 year old female driver, that drives pretty well, I can say I really HATE slow drivers; you know the ones who refuse to drive the speed limit. I hate drivers who act like they can’t go when

The world doesn’t revolve around football…


Why does the world have to revolve around football? There are other quality sports with excellent athletes that seem to get ignored in the south. Although every sport deserves attention and support from their school, it doesn’t always happen that

E.T. Phone Home


By: Alexis McCracken We should be allowed to have our phones out during school hours. It is crazy rule that if our phones are out in the hallway we get them taken away, even if we aren’t on them. At



By: A’Laya Burroughs and Jasmine Burroughs We feel that the ROTC program at Conway High doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. ROTC should be a celebrated program, however, half of the kids that do the ROTC program are just there

Senior Privileges


As Seniors we should have more privileges than what we currently have. First off, seniors should be able to leave at 3:10 like in previous years. Seniors should also be allowed to leave campus for lunch because I know we

Hunting Isn’t Cruel


Americans have been hunting as long as there has been an America.  Hunting is not cruel as long as you eat the animal you kill.  There are several reasons hunting is not cruel.  One reason is because you are killing

Racism at Conway High?


Am I the only person who has noticed that the lunches are separated, and by separated I mean how white people sit on one side and the black people sit on the other side of the cafeteria. Race is not