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Word of the Week: Doodle Sack

Debreeonnah Garrison (9th grader)- A bag that carries crayons   Kathryn Crigger (10th grader)- A stupid person   Alima Mootoo (11th grader)- Art supplies   Mikaya Floyd (12th grader)-a sack filled with doodles   Actual¬†Definition of Doodle Sack- Old English

Word of the Week: Futz


              Actual Definition: waste time; idle or busy oneself aimlessly

Hall Smartz: Ratoon


By: Tieyanna Potts   Something that comes from a plant.     A ghetto version of a Disney movie.   An animal of some sort   Steam from a plant Actual Definition: small shoot growing from the root a plant.

Hall Smartz: Fudgel



Hall Smartz: Flummox


                                                                        Flummox: Verb: perplex (someone)

Hall Smartz: Vomitory


Compiled by: Kayleigh Neimeyer                                                    

Hall Smartz: Wabbit



Hall Smartz: Kerffule


                                                                            Definition: a

Hall Smartz 2: Tittynope

                                                          Tittynope: (noun) a small quantity of anything left over, whether a

Hall Smartz 1


By: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria What does Bibble mean? The meaning of BIBBLE¬† is to drink or eat often.