Student Athlete of the Week


This area will highlight a new student athlete every week.  The Inkling Staff looks forward to showcasing our exceptional Tiger Talent each week.  Please click on the links below to see each interview.

January 2016

Student Athlete of the Week: Darren Granger

By: A Laya Burroughs The student athlete of the week is Darren Granger. Darren said that he didn’t have anyone influence him when it came to sports because wanting to play sports just came naturally to him. Darren has been playing some form of basketball since he was five years old.  Darren would like basketball

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Student Athlete of the Week: Cheyenne Wallace

Interviewed by Alima Mootoo   What sport do you play? Varsity Basketball.   Why do you enjoy that sport? My team is my 2nd family, and basketball keeps me in shape.   What encouraged you to play on a team? I enjoy working with others.   How does our school mascot reflect your personality? The

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Student Athlete of the Week: Jamarria Pyatt

1.) What sport do you play? Varsity Volleyball 2.) Do you play other sports? If so what sports? Soccer, and I have played soccer since I was 7 years old. 3.) Why do you play sports? To stay active. 4.) What do you like about volleyball? I like to dig (when someone spikes a ball

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Student Athlete of the Week: Kaysan McKnight

Interview by: Beyonce Huggins When did you first start playing football? – At the age of 6. What are some of the hardest lessons you have learned as a football player?    – To always be a team player even when I don’t want to be. How does it feel to hear cheers supporting you at

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Student Athlete of the Week: Antonio Long

Interview By: Jamarria Pyatt 1. What sport do you play? Varsity Football 2. What position do you play? Weak Safety 3. What are your plans after high school? To play Division 1 football 4. Have you been and offered any scholarships? Not yet, but it’s coming. 5. Do you play any other sports besides football?

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