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Of Turkey Legs and Doughnuts


By: Summer Harrelson On Thanksgiving Day I had to go get some missing ingredients that I forgotten from the grocery store . When I arrived at the grocery store I went straight to the back to get my turkey legs

Fallen Angel


By: Shamar Creech A couple holding hands walks to the ferris wheel and gives the operator tickets and climbs on. The girl says “This is so romantic Alex thanks for taking me here.”  Alex says, “No problem Sabrina, anything for



By: Damion Watson   It had been 42 days since we had left the village. Well, days was not how we measured time in this day and age. It was true, we no longer were part of the outside world.

Through the Fire

Horse Hoof - Closeu Detail on two Horse Hooves

By: Makayla Conley Running and running, she ran through the monastery barefooted. Her clothes were torn, ripped and some was even off. She panted, but had to keep going, her lungs and sides hurt, but if she stopped she would



By: Jaime Stewart I came to the scene of the crime asking what had happened, and this old lady said that she had seen something on the very top of the ferris wheel. I asked her what this thing looked

Second Chances


By: Carolina Hughes I was headed to the flower shop like I did every Friday when something very out of the ordinary happened. I stepped onto the escalator, and that’s when I saw him; he was headed down and I