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The Toothpick


Items to include in under 500 words pudding, toothpick, whistle Genre: Romance By: Autumn Finlayson Once, a long long time ago, I was sitting in the lunchroom at school eating my container of chocolate pudding. I was all alone, I



By: Tamara Fogle The asylum was empty, the floors were dingy, the walls were full of discoloration. This was life that Sister Meredith knew. She was a middle aged nun who gave her life to helping others. What she didn’t



By: Damion Watson   It had been 42 days since we had left the village. Well, days was not how we measured time in this day and age. It was true, we no longer were part of the outside world.

View from above…


By: Kathryn Crigger   White feathers drifted down from the top of the ferris wheel . The large structure had not been used- or even visited- in years. Today was an exception though, many flashing lights surrounded its base and